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De Addiction

Researches have shown that addiction severely alters critical brain areas, related to decision-making, learning, memory and behaviour control, which clearly explains the destructive behaviours of addiction. Overcoming an addiction can be a long and bumpy road and may seem impossible at times. But, with one’s will power and with the right kind of support, people can overcome any sort of addiction; be it the addiction to alcohol or the addiction to drugs or anything else.

Our addictions counsellors are here to help people, who are affected by any form of chemical or behavioural addiction. Our counsellors understand the various aspects of an addictive process and also have a thorough understanding of the addiction affects, not only on the person but on his family, friends and society as a whole as well. With their expertise in the field of addictions, our counsellors help these people to develop new cognitive skills, which help them overcome their addiction. The counsellors use various prevention and treatment programs to help the people overcome addiction.


Dr. Gitanjali Sharma

About Dr. Gitanjali Sharma

Dr. Gitanjali Sharma is a renowned Marriage, Relationship and Family Counsellor. She has been practicing from the past 15 years in the field of counselling, dealing with relationship and emotional issues.

She completed her M.Sc. and psychology and she is a Postgraduate in counselling & guidance. Along with these she is also a MBA (HR), Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer, Gemmologist as well as a Diamond Grader.

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